Sunday, March 2, 2014

Simple construction workbench stool

I needed an easy to build stool to give my feet a rest while standing at my workbench. I wanted it to be simple and quick to build, while just using scrap wood from around my garage.

Low and behold, my simple and easy to build workbench stool. See instructions below the photos.

I put together this stool from scrap laying around my garage. I had some 3x3 stock laying around from a previous project that I used for the legs and cross support. I had a left over board about 6" or 8" wide.

The only tools and hardware you absolutely need:
  1. drill with appropriate bit to make pilot holes for your screws
  2. saw ( I used a circular saw, however a table saw would give you more accur
  3. 10 screws ( unless you want to do some more fancy joinery work )
  4. tape measure
  5. sand paper ( a sanding block will also make your life easier )
To make my stool be a little more finished I also used a countersink bit and a handheld router with a round over bit ( to round the top edges of the stool ).

I determined the height of the legs by measuring from the floor to just under my rear end, which would give me a sitting position high enough to still work at the workbench. I settled on 29 inches for the legs, cut your legs to length, then clamp your legs into a 2x2 bundle and gang sand to make them all the same length.

I cut the board for the seat just wider than my hips, no measurement needed just put the board behind you and place a thumb just a little wider than your hips. Mark with a pencil and cut the board to length, clean up any rough edges by sanding.

Place the seat on the workbench perpendicular to the first leg, aligning your first leg in the corner. Pre-drill your hole, then use the countersink bit ( if you have one ) to prep for the screw. Screw the leg loosely to the seat ( we will tighten everything up later ). Continue rotating the seat and attaching the legs.

Stand the stool seat down on the workbench. Measure the distance between the legs on the side of the stool. Cut two pieces of 3x3 to length of the gap between the legs. Use these pieces to keep the legs square. Attach the pieces between the legs on either side toward the bottom of the stool, pre-drilling and using screws to attach ( one from each side ). If you wish you could also use dowels and wood glue, or some other suitable joinery.

Now measure between the two legs along the back of the stool and cut another piece of 3x3 to that length. This will keep the side legs square. Attach similar to the other 2 supporting pieces. I attached mine slightly below the other 2 supports, just my preference. I put this piece at a height that felt good to rest my feet on while sitting on the stool.

Now tighten the top screws in the seat, clean up and do any sanding/finish work you'd like.

My stool happens to fit just underneath the workbench when not in use ( as I recessed the shelf under my workbench ). I chose not to put a second length of supporting bar on the stool so that it reduced the chance of stubbing my toe when I store the stool under the workbench.

Here are a couple more pics, showing the bottom of the seat and the stool tucked nicely underneath the workbench.

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